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The A.V. Club just got less Chicago

By Sidney Madden | @sidney_madden_


The A.V. Club is losing staffers after owner G/O Media said Chicago employees could either relocate to LA or take a severance package.

The pop-culture site was created in 1993 as a non-satirical supplement to The Onion, also based in Chicago. 

Talks of staffers voluntarily moving to the West Coast office began after G/O took over in 2019, longtime film editor Alex Dowd told City Cast. But the push to move became an ultimatum last month.

When G/O didn’t meet workers’ requests — cost-of-living salary bumps, higher moving stipends, flexible moving dates — seven Chicago staffers decided to leave the company, including Dowd. The group had some of the longest tenures at the site.

G/O told City Cast that the move would bring writers closer to the entertainment industry and their offer complied with the union contract. 

So as this chapter of The A.V. Club closes, what was Chicago’s legacy on the offbeat pop-culture site? 

“I’ve always felt that Chicago critics have more of a down-to-earth perspective on things,” Dowd said. “And I hope those are qualities that can exist at The A.V. Club after this.”

Listen to film editor Alex Dowd share more.


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