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Chicago could host the DNC…again?

By Sidney Madden | @sidney_madden_


Chicago is in talks to host the Democratic National Convention in 2024 — again. 

The city has been the nation’s most popular party convention site, having hosted 25 Republican and Democratic conventions, many of them quite memorable, according to the Chicago Sun-Times and Encyclopedia of Chicago.

1860: Abraham Lincoln, Republican

A sketch of a wooden building has American flags on top of it. Horses and carriages are in the front. The text at the bottom reads "The Wigwam At Chicago."
Illustration of the Wigwam in May 1860. (Kean Collection / Getty)

Backroom deals and counterfeit tickets helped Honest Abe land the Republican presidential nomination.

The convention took place at the Wigwam, a hastily built two-story building at Clark and Wacker that burned in the Great Chicago Fire more than a decade later.

1932: Herbert Hoover, Republican; Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat

A busy street is lined with cars, pedestrians, and flags.
RNC delegates arriving outside Chicago Stadium in June 1932. (Bettmann / Getty)

The city’s second double convention happened weeks apart at the since-demolished Chicago Stadium on the Near West Side at the height of the Great Depression.

Hoover was renominated, and FDR cinched his spot on the ballot, delivering the first acceptance speech in convention history.

1968: Hubert Humphrey, Democrat

A medic is treating an injured protester's head.
An injured protester is treated during violent clashes in August 1968. (Keystone / Hulton Archive / Getty)

Humphrey’s nomination was largely overshadowed by Anti–Vietnam War protests that boiled over into police riots, where the phrase was coined, New York Magazine reported.

Meanwhile, party leaders were divided on the war on the convention floor at the International Amphitheatre in Canaryville, also demolished in the 90s.

1996: Bill Clinton, Democrat

A group of politicians cheer. American flag decorations are around. Confetti is flying.
Clinton’s nomination at United Center in August 1996. (Congressional Quarterly / Getty)

It took nearly 30 years for the city to host another party convention, this time to renominate Clinton for his second term. 

The ‘96 event was held at the new United Center, which had replaced Chicago Stadium just two years earlier.

Another near 30 years have passed since the last DNC in the city. So why Chicago now? 

▪️ Gov. JB Pritzker has been pushing much of what’s on the party’s national platform in Illinois— including raising the minimum wage, legalizing cannabis, and spending on infrastructure.

▪️ The state borders swing states Michigan and Wisconsin.

▪️ Illinois has been relatively scandal-free compared to big blue coastal hubs with California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall election and former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s impeachment. 

Sources: Chicago Sun-Times; Politico Illinois

But It’s not Chicago or bust: Vegas and Nashville are also in the running. And more cities can make their bids by Oct. 1.

🎧 City Cast Chicago’s Jacoby Cochran and City Cast Las Vegas’ Dayvid Figler talk pros and cons of the DNC in the Windy City versus Sin City on today’s podcast.

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▪️ State lawmakers passed a $46 billion budget and measures increasing police access to expressway cameras and targeting “organized retail crime.” [Capitol News Illinois]

▪️ Former Ald. Danny Solis has been charged with bribery. Solis participated in federal wiretaps against Ald. Ed Burke and ex–Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, who have also both been indicted. [NBC Chicago]

▪️ After a lull in applications, CPS has enough Local School Council candidates at almost 95% of district-run schools. Elections will be held next week. [Chalkbeat Chicago]

▪️ Starting in two weeks, Benito Juarez high schoolers will have to put phones in lockers when arriving at school. Parents have had mixed reactions to the new rule. [Block Club Chicago]

▪️ Humboldt Park’s Puerto Rican flags could soon be a landmark 🇵🇷 [WTTW]

▪️ Order stamps honoring author and Logan Square native Shel Silverstein! The stamp is an illustration from one of his most-beloved books, “The Giving Tree.” [WBEZ]


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