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Could the White Sox Leave Chicago?

City Cast Chicago staff
City Cast Chicago staff
Posted on August 29
In an aerial view, Guaranteed Rate Field is seen prior to a game between the Chicago White Sox and the San Francisco Giants at Guaranteed Rate Field on April 03, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois.

An aerial view of Guaranteed Rate Field. (Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

What is going on with the Sox? That’s the question on every Chicagoan’s mind as players seem checked out, executives have been fired, and owners contemplate a move. Herb Lawrence, co-host of the CHGO White Sox podcast, breaks down the drama and whether fans should hit the panic button.

Is this all smoke or is there a real chance the Sox can leave?

“They have six years left to make that decision on their lease because that's when it runs out, I believe in 2029. But the White Sox have pulled this move in the past before where they threatened to move.

[In] the late ‘80s, Jerry Reinsdorf, who is still the owner of the White Sox, threatened to move the team to Tampa and it was a last-minute, actually some say [an] effort by the governor at that time Big Jim Thompson, to make sure the White Sox stay in Chicago.”

What do you think, ultimately, the White Sox owners are prioritizing? Is it a new stadium somewhere else? Is it development around Sox Park? Maybe selling the team?

“I think Reinsdorf is looking for somebody to pay for his stadium, so that's why he floated Nashville, so he can get the negotiations going with the City of Chicago so they can give him a sweetheart of a deal like they did with Guaranteed Rate.”

How would you sum up the White Sox season so far?

“Disappointing is not strong enough a word.

“And I don't know if it's going to get better because the latest moves that Jerry Reinsdorf has made, or at least rumored that he's going to be making, don't leave any White Sox fans with any confidence that it's going to get better.”

How do you feel about the Sox potentially leaving Guaranteed Rate Field?

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