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3 Questions With Lisa Beasley, aka Lory Litefoot

Jacoby Cochran
Jacoby Cochran
Posted on May 23   |   Updated on June 5
Lisa Beasley sits at her home

Lisa Beasley in 2022 (Terrence Antonio James / Tribune / Getty)

Now that Lori Lightfoot is out of office, what happens to Lory Litefoot, comedian Lisa Beasley’s satirical character based on the ex-mayor? We checked in to find out.

How did your perception of Lightfoot change as you parodied her?

“My perception stayed largely consistent. Near the end of her term, she almost took the creativity out of my improv because things that she was quoted saying were funny enough. When I started, I didn’t intend on her being my head writer, but it ended up that way. She made my job easy and gave me an abundance of material to work with on a daily basis.”

You've said you're not retiring the character. What's next?

“Well, I was gonna keep it a secret, but Lory is going to run for president. Every once in a while, Lory with a Y may show up at a town hall meeting and beg to be let back in. She is working on a book. Lory with a Y is a former politician who is going to have to find something to do now.”

Much of the comedy came from your frustrations and disappointments. How are you feeling about the Johnson administration?

“I’m feeling relieved. I feel like I can concentrate on growing my artistic vision for my career while championing a better infrastructure for artists who want to learn and make money while practicing their art and performing in Chicago.”

+ Catch Beasley’s “Unpolitical Woman” comedy show at the Laugh Factory in Lakeview June 5. She also offers art and business courses.

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