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Get to Know Gage Park

Michelle Navarro
Michelle Navarro
Posted on October 18
Gage Park bungalow row

Gage Park bungalow row. (Eric Allix Rogers / Flickr)

Hi, it’s Michelle Navarro, the new audio producer for the City Cast Chicago podcast. Today I’m showing you around where I grew up: Gage Park.

The Southwest Side neighborhood is part of Chicago’s historic bungalow belt. The area’s development started in 1873 with a planned park at the intersection of Western Avenue and Garfield Boulevard by South Park Commissioner George W. Gage. After he died, the park was renamed after him.

For generations, it was home to Eastern European Chicagoans. In the 90s, a growing Mexican population began calling Gage Park home — my family included.

What to Eat

Visit Carnitas Uruapan for a café de olla and carnitas tacos  — a Mexican spiced coffee and pork dish. You can also check out Nicky’s for anything from Grecian chicken dinners to BBQ rib tips to Chicago's classic Big Baby burger.

What to See

PODER in Gage Park

Poder in Gage Park. (Courtesy of Martin Navarro)

What to Do

Visit Poder Learning Center’s headquarters to learn more about Illinois’ first-ever immigration integration and job center.

Boundaries of Gage Park

Boundaries of Gage Park. (Google Maps)

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