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Chi's Climate Future

Sidney Madden
Sidney Madden
Posted on October 27, 2022   |   Updated on May 28
A view of the city’s skyline.

A view of the city’s skyline. (Jacoby Cochran / City Cast Chicago)

The city says its comprehensive plan, the first of its kind in almost 60 years, will make Chicago more equitable over the next decade. Residents can weigh in on the draft — including goals about the environment — by Tuesday.

What is We Will Chicago?
A 10-year citywide planning framework to spur neighborhood growth by guiding budgeting and legislation around several pillars like culture, economic growth, housing, civic engagement, health, public safety, and the climate.

How was the plan developed?
Conversations with residents and city staffers over two years, city officials said.

So what are some of the
 environmental goals and objectives?

  • Set climate and health requirements for new developments in Black and Latinx neighborhoods hardest hit by environmental problems.
  • Conduct impact assessments for new developments not just on air and water but also communities, We Will environment co-chair Iyana Simba told WTTW.
  • Implement more private and public waste reduction and reuse.
  • Expand and conserve green spaces.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (e.g., creating more transit options in Black and Latinx communities).
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