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Chicagohenge is here. How you can celebrate plus snap stunning photos

Sidney Madden
Sidney Madden
Posted on September 22, 2022   |   Updated on May 26
Chicagohenge during the autumn equinox, showing the sky lit in bright orange

Chicagohenge during the autumn equinox in the Loop Sept. 22, 2017. (Bilgin S. Sasmaz / Anadolu Agency / Getty)

Another autumn equinox is upon us, aka Chicagohenge time. Let’s dive into the stunning phenomenon — and where to snap photos.

How does Chicagohenge work?
During the autumn and spring equinoxes, there are equal amounts of sunshinein both hemispheres. As a result, sunrises and sunsets are directly in the east and west, aligning with the city’s street grid.

The result? Golden hours like you wouldn’t believe.

Why is it called Chicagohenge?
The name comes from Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument in England. (But some astronomers say the word “henge” is being used pretty liberally in both cases.)

Where can I take photos?
A lot of photographers will head to the Loop to capture the sun beaming between the skyscrapers, but you can head to any east-west facing street.

Move quick though: You only have a couple minutes. One photographer shared some camera settings to consider to get great shots.

But, Sid, I’m out of town / I’m working late / I have some reason why I can’t see Chicagohenge … 
Don’t fret, friend. You’ll still be able to catch some pretty sick views for a few more days. If not, the spring equinox is only six months away.

How else can I celebrate?
Take a nice hike at dusk, try bunny yoga, or do a sound bath.

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