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How you can Help Birds During Migration Season

Sidney Madden
Sidney Madden
Posted on September 15, 2022   |   Updated on May 25
Bird watchers at Montrose Beach looking at and capturing photos of birds

Birders at Montrose Beach April 26, 2021. (Armando L. Sanchez / Tribune / Getty)

Over the next couple months, 5 million birds from over 250 different species are expected to migrate over the city, the Chicago Audubon Society said.

That’s because Chicago is a stop on the Mississippi Flyway, a migratory route stretching from South America to Canada. But not all birds make the arduous journey — some get injured or die along the way.

Chicagoans can help make these birds’ trips easier:
Turn off your lights after 11 p.m. if you live in a tall building or a short building along the lakefront since they are often along flight paths. Some birds continuously circle the buildings and die from exhaustion or collision.

Call the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors if you find a dead or injured bird at 773-988-1867.Weigh in when the Dept. of Planning and Development hosts public comment on the updated bird safety design ordinance, which they told CBS Chicago will be this year.

Want to see birds migrate this season?
Go on BirdCast to see how many birds are flying above you per night.Cook County Forest Preserve hosts bird walks in the Dan Ryan Woods, Eggers Grove, and more.

Check out unconventional birding spots … like an Orland Park Costco.

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