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Urban Almanac: Largest Predatory Dinosaur

Sidney Madden
Sidney Madden
Posted on June 1   |   Updated on June 27
A rendering of a dinosaur hanging in a big hall

A design rendering of Spinosaurus at the Field Museum. (Courtesy of the Field Museum)

Introducing Spinosaurus

Next time you go to the Field Museum, you’ll see a 46-foot long dinosaur with a crocodile-like snout and paddle-like tail hanging from the ceiling.

It's a cast of the Spinosaurus, a semiaquatic predatory dinosaur who swam the northern rivers of Africa 95 million years ago, the museum said. Museum Campus is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where you can see the world’s largest predatory dinosaur starting Saturday.

A person take a selfie in front of a dinosaur exhibit

Selfie time with Sue the T. rex at the Field Museum in 2020. (Joel Lerner / Xinhua / Getty)

Ergh, what about Sue?

ICYMI: Sue the T. rex got bounced from the main hall a few years ago to make room for a titanosaur, the largest dinosaur known to humankind. Sue’s been chilling on the second floor since.

Discovered by namesake and fossil collector Sue Hendrickson in 1990, Sue is one of the largest and best-preserved T. Rexes found.

Sue might not be the biggest and baddest dino at the Field anymore, but they are still a non-binary icon and Twitter famous.

🦖 Check out the Spinosaurus at Dino Fest June 10.

🦕 Don’t sleep on free admission days at the Field for Illinois residents!

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