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How to Be a Poll Worker

Sidney Madden
Sidney Madden
Posted on June 5   |   Updated on July 7
An election judge sits in a gym converted to a poll place.

An election judge and a voter at Orozco Community Academy on the Lower West Side in 2020. (Antonio Perez /  Tribune / Getty)

We are a week from election day, and the city is still looking for poll workers.

Why it matters: Understaffing could lead to longer lines. Some Chicago polling places had to delay opening during the June primary, WTTW reported.

What does an election judge do? Set up equipment, check voters in, answer voters’ questions, and complete reports after the polls close.

Who’s eligible? Registered Chook County voters who speak English. Chicago officials are especially looking for bilingual applicants who also speak Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, or Tagalog.

I thought students could be judges, too … High school and college students can also work as judges if they meet additional requirements.

How much could you make? Election judges in Chicago can make up to $255, and coordinators can make up to $450.

How to sign up: Apply online, any time.

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