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What to Eat at the Airport

Sidney Madden
Sidney Madden
Posted on December 8, 2022   |   Updated on May 28
Travelers navigating O'Hare Airpot

O’Hare Airport. (Wikimedia Commons)

Holiday travel season is upon us, and you might find yourself at the airport longer because of delays.Need a bite before takeoff? Bookmark these Eater guides for when you’re wandering the terminals. Here are the team’s recs.


City Cast Chicago’s Carrie Shepherd: "Ideally, I have a pass for one of the lounges and load up on freebies. Otherwise, I gotta be honest, a banana, granola bar, and trail mix from any kiosk does the trick. (I used to go to Argo Tea – RIP.) I have definitely hit up the Vosges boutique for last-minute gifts."

City Cast Chicago’s Simone Alicea: "Anywhere the line is short: I’ve had good luck at Brioche Dorée, where I like a ham-and-cheese baguette."


City Cast Chicago’s Jacoby Cochran: "I recently flew out of Midway and stopped by Café Descartes both times. I grabbed a grilled cheese sandwich and lemonade the first time, and oatmeal and a smoothie the last time."

Hey Chicago’s Sidney Madden: "A yogurt parfait from Café Espresso. I’m a simple early-morning traveler who wants a light grab-and-go snack to tie me over until I get my complimentary Southwest snacks."

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