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Local Civics: General Assembly Home Stretch

Sidney Madden
Sidney Madden
Posted on May 17   |   Updated on June 5
The sun sets over the Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol building (Patrick Emerson / Flickr)

Been caught up in Chicago politics and need a refresher on Springfield news before the legislative session ends Friday? We got you 👇

What’s on the table?

📜 Rideshare companies could become “common carriers” like taxis, meaning Uber and Lyft  — not just the driver — would be liable if a passenger was injured in the rideshare. 

📜 Salary transparency could become the norm in Illinois under a bill mandating job postings include pay ranges.

📜 Social media influencers under age 16 in the state might get a percentage of earnings under a new bill aimed at protecting “kidfluencers.”

📜 Native American history could be taught in Illinois schools as early as the 2024–25 school year.

📜 Human composting could be a green alternative to burials or cremations in Illinois. State Rep. Kelly Cassidy told the City Cast Chicago podcast why she plans to be composted after she dies.

What has a little more time?

📜 Budget talks continue as lawmakers negotiate the state’s 2024 fiscal plan, which isn’t technically due until July 1. But politicians know it’s easier to get votes before summer begins.

📜 The map for Chicago’s first elected school board is also due July 1. Early drafts faced criticism for not reflecting CPS’ racial makeup.

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