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Your Cheat Sheet for Chicago's Local School Councils

Sidney Madden
Sidney Madden
Posted on October 4
Jones College Prep in South Loop in 2018

Jones College Prep in South Loop in 2018. (Interim Archives / Getty)

Want to run for local school council? Applications open Oct. 16. Chalkbeat’s Becky Vevea gave the City Cast Chicago podcast the rundown.

What Do Local School Councils Do?

Almost like mini school boards for each school, LSCs have three main functions: approve an academic plan for the school, approve the budget related to that plan, and choose and evaluate the school’s principal.

Who Makes Up an LSC?

At least 12 members depending on whether it’s an elementary or high school, half of which are usually parent representatives. The rest can vary but include community members, teachers, non-teaching staff, student representatives, and a principal (who does sit on the LSC but doesn’t frequently vote).

How Have Local School Councils Worked in Practice?

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